Email Marketing Concepts

In this age of Social Media, a marketer can lean more towards share and like counts, video views etc. to convert their leads to customers and may find email boring. But consider the following facts:

  • There are more than 3.9 billion email addresses
  • by 2025, total email addresses will reach 4.6 billion
  • We've sent 306 billion email daily in 2020, and it will reach 376 billion emails every day by 2025

All these above facts screams one underlying truth: Email is a very critical component of our online lives and its here to stay

Every marketing channel (Social media, TV, Newspaper, Email, Online advertising etc.) has its own advantages and no channel is good for all use cases. Its the marketer's duty to find right medium to reach his target customer. For example: email is excellent in reaching your existing customer and remind them of you without causing too much noise.

In fact, majority B2B marketers think that email is critical to their success and depends on it due to its high ROI. Email has been consistently producing excellent result and customers like email more than 'annoying' push notification.

What is Email Marketing?

Successful email marketers doesn't only send a lot of email in bulk, they mainly aim for building relationship with their customers, by storytelling, informing and conveying value.

Mailchimp, the leading email marketing platform puts it as follows-

Sophisticated email marketing is a two-way business in which the customer is just as involved as the brand. For long-term success, it’s not just about blasting out content and waiting for sales to begin. It’s a finely balanced process of gaining subscribers, getting to know them, communicating with them, responding to their concerns, keeping them informed, analyzing your performance, and generally keeping up with what’s important to your audience.

Analyzing the above, we can figure out few types of email campaign:

  • Welcome mail: You need to greet your new subscribers/customers with an welcome mail so that they also get to know you. in email marketing, subscriber participates with you in every marketing campaign and your success depends on your subscriber remembering you. Welcome mails are one of the top performing email type if crafted properly and sent timely fashion. You, as a marketer, get your first only chance to set expectation inside customer's mind.
  • Update email: You can occasionally send updates of your brand, organization to your customers. You can highlight other customers' review, use cases of your product/service to inspire the email reader.
  • Offer email: By subscribing to your list, the customer has entrusted you with their inbox. The incentive of this trust can be many, including promotional offer, life changing advice, latest update etc. If you are launching a product, use email to go for fast activation and give generous discount. Use your previous campaign data to segment and send the right offer to right customer.
  • Transactional email: Never underestimate the power of transactional email in securing your place in customer's mind. Customer trusts your brand when they find order notifications, delivery status update or even order cancellation email on timely basis.
  • Reminder email: Customer will always forget and its your duty to remind the customer. If you forget to place order after adding to cart, you can remind them to complete the order. You can even give special discount after certain days.
  • Special occasion: Personal occasion like anniversary, birthday are perfect time to treat your customer with an automated email. Public holidays like Eid festival, Ramadan, Puja are also good occasion to reach out to customer and ramp up your sale.

Probaho dashboard offer wide range of templates to cater to these types of email. Let us know if you are missing any type of template and we'll add one for your convenience.

Why email marketing?

  • As a marketer, you can say a variety of things via email. The versatility of email is its true power and its only limited by your creativity.
  • When you nurture a list of subscribers, you get to know them better and send personalized campaign. The level of personalization that can be achieved with email is a super power to your marketing arsenal.
  • Inbox is important to anyone and the trust that a customer places to a marketer is an initial boon for any campaign. Honor the trust and profit will flow.
  • Email marketing is cheaper compared to other media, but don't be fooled to flood the inbox of your subscribers. Leaning the balance between the cost of sending an email and the cost of annoying a customer is the sauce of success.
  • Ultimate goal of any marketing is building profitable relationship for both customer and marketer. Opening an email demands a commitment from subscriber and once you earn it, you are in for success.
Last Updated on : March 24, 2022