How to add unsubscribe link in email body?

July 10, 2021
Nezam Uddin

By default, Probaho will require 02 pieces of mandatory information in every email you send.

  1. Detailed company info
  2. Unsubscribe link

They can be easily added to your email if you add the following shortcode to email body.


In this article, we'll show you how to properly add/hyperlink unsubscribe URL to your email campaign.

probaho  How to add unsubscribe link in email body?
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Step-1: In your email editing area, highlight a word that you want to hyperlink to your list's unsubscribe url
Step-2: Click on the hyperlink icon or press Ctrl+L. It will open the hyperlinking dialogue box.
Step-3: Select "Other" in protocol dropdown.
Step-4: Type "[UNSUBSCRIBE_URL]" in the box. This will be converted to an actual link during campaign sending.

Press OK and you are done ! 

Common mistakes:

  1. Not selecting a text before clicking hyperlink icon in step-2.
  2. Choosing http or https in protocol in step-3
  3. Omitting [ ] when typing the [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL] shortcode in step-4